DN/LI/TB 26/4/17

DN/LI/TB 26/4/17

Articles and posts by or about travellers working online

Why I’m Quitting the Digital Nomad Life and Moving Back to My Hometown
Though she could live in Hong Kong, Bali, New York City or Jamaica, after 14 months of living as a digital nomad, running her business completely remotely, Anna Wickham explains why she is moving back to Oklahoma City indefinitely.

How to Consistently Hit the Top Page of Reddit
Don’t blame Reddit if your posts flop, says Rob Nightingale. He analyses the success of Charles Chu, who has been able to drive tens of thousands of visitors to his site from Reddit posts that readers can’t help but engage with.

The Oddest Work Places For Digital Nomads
Sim asks her fellow travel bloggers where were the weirdest and nicest places they’ve ever worked as a digital nomad or travel blogger?

How to Make Money With a Video Blog: $1000 a Month Vlogging!
You can’t just build a blog, put up a few video posts and expect the money to come rolling in but it is possible to make real money as a Vlogger.

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