DN/LI/TB 30/11/16

DN/LI/TB 30/11/16

Articles and posts by or about travellers working online

The Number 1 Secret of Successful Travel Bloggers
As many posts as there are about achieving blogosphere stardom, there is one thing left out: most successful bloggers employ at least one virtual assistant. Jessica Peterson explains what they do and where to find one.

Online Teacher: The New Way to Teach a Language
When looking for a new job one day, Nina Ragusa stumbled upon a job opening for an online teacher and has been teaching English in a virtual classroom ever since.

Is it Legal to be a Digital Nomad?
The legality of being a digital nomad is unclear for many, no matter where you go, and a point particularly rammed home for Michael Hulleman when police raided co working spaces in Chiang Mai.

Could You Turn Your Backpacking Adventures into a Travel Book? 10 Tips for Writing a Best Selling Travel Memoir!
Nikki Scott, the founder of South East Asia Backpacker magazine, has written a travel memoir about her adventures backpacking in Southeast Asia, expat life and setting up a business in Thailand. She shares her top tips for turning your travels into a book.

iPhone Home

This week’s iPhone Home was submitted by Pedro and Abigail, who blog at El Boquerón Viajero.

Smartphone apps for travel

If you want to be featured here, just take a screenshot of your iPhone/smartphone and send it to payawaytravels(at)gmail(dot)com In return we will mention you in The Working Traveller and link to your blog. Photos should be 690px minimum width.

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