DN/LI/TB 3/1/18

DN/LI/TB 3/1/18

Articles and posts by or about travellers working online

Travel Jobs: How To Create And Sell Digital Information Products (And Earn Well)
Storyv provide us with a comprehensive guide to building an online business. This is a valuable resource for creating and selling digital information products.

Jobs on the Road: Video Game Artist
Sophie reveals how people can maintain the best of both worlds: travelling and building a career.

The Completely Free (Idiot’s) Guide to Becoming a Digital Nomad and County Kerry Just Blew My Mind
Nathan emphasises the need for a clear business plan as he sees this as key to funding a DN lifestyle. He then shares happy family times in Kerry.

This Is What I’ve Learned During My Quarter-Life Crisis Trip to Bali
Kerri Mottola calls on us to make our life decisions based on criteria which challenge expectations. She tells us to resist the linear fashion in which we tend to look at our lives: School > Graduate > Job > Promotion > Money > Comfort > Happiness.

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