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DN/LI/TB 3/5/17

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60 Useful Resources for Digital Nomads
It’s been four years since their last post on digital nomad resources so it’s time for an update on the technology and equipment that makes nomadic life possible for Erin McNeaney and Simon Fairbairn.

My 10 Minute SEO Tip to Give you Thousands of Page Views!
SEO is a powerful tool and Sharon Gourlay’s favourite way to increase traffic. This is because the traffic should last for years, unlike Twitter or Facebook where you share a post and you might get some traffic for a day or two but then it is dead.

How To Leave Your Day Job And Make Travel Documentaries Instead
Unplanned America isn’t your normal travel doco-series. Three mates ditch the itinerary and discover America’s most unique subcultures, visiting everything from the world’s oldest BDSM training chateau to an anarchist skater colony at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains. But how do you go from working full time to travelling for a living? Simone Ubaldi connects the dots.

How To Jump Start A Freelance Career
If you feel you’ve been at your job for too long, that entrepreneurial spirit is stirring in your heart, or its time to explore the world as a Digital Nomad, freelancing could be your ticket out. Here’s Catherine Mah’s guide to getting that gig going while keeping your finances afloat.

Have you ever dreamed of starting an online business but weren’t sure where to start? Check out Superstar Blogging, a program by Nomadic Matt.

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