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DN/LI/TB 4/10/17

Articles and posts by or about travellers working online

The Importance of Being Yourself in Blogging
Vicky Philpot believes that being yourself is the best way to get the loyal readers and friends who will support your work and allow and encourage you to reach your travel blogging goals.

23 Productivity Tips From Digital Nomads Around The Globe
Maintaining productivity can be a tough challenge for anyone, let alone when you are changing desks every few days. Hailley Griffis shares a list of productivity tips to help you while working remotely.

How to Score Your Very First Travel Blog Sponsorship
Julie Smith comes up with six steps to secure blog sponsorship, including the pure genius suggestion to google ‘all opinions are my own’ to trace receptive sponsors.

The Ultimate Guide To Increase Your blog Traffic With Images
Maaike says that increasing the use of visuals can bring website visitors back for more.

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