DN/LI/TB 5/4/17

DN/LI/TB 5/4/17

Articles and posts by or about travellers working online

From Ireland to Yemen and South Sudan: Meet the Man Who’s Just Visited All 197 Countries in the World
We could have chosen any one of several articles published in the national press recently about Northern Irish traveller Johnny Ward, who finally completed his ten year quest to visit every country in the world. Initially funding his travels by medical research testing and teaching English, Johnny earned over a million dollars from his blog and the over 100 websites he built in between smuggling himself across borders, bribing officials and buying properties in London and Bangkok..

7 Things I’ve Learned from 7 Years of Travel Blogging
Begun with some impressive coding skills Kirstie Jeffries’ blog has taken her from her university dorm room in California to living in Australia, via studying and teaching in Spain.

Financial Case Study: Rachel, Freelance Copywriter
Realising she could be doing what she was doing from anywhere, Rachel booked a one way ticket to Spain and has never looked back.

Our Digital Nomad Life: Your Questions Answered
From how they choose where to go next to managing their relationship as a couple and as business partners, Erin McNeaney and Simon Fairbairn answer question about their nomadic lifestyle.

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