DN/LI/TB 6/12/17

DN/LI/TB 6/12/17

Articles and posts by or about travellers working online

The Dark Side of Digital Nomad Life, Going Beyond Bad Guru Techniques
Nicholas Barang started writing his column as a reaction to the endless stream of low quality material written about ‘digital nomad lifestyles’ but found he didn’t know the half of it when he took aim at Travis and Aaron Atlas.

Co-living & Working Spaces Around the World
Taylor Coil believes that how and where we work is only part of the equation. How and where we live is just as crucial. She provides us with an extensive list of places where nomads can live and work worldwide.

Gear for Digital Nomads: Everything You Need for A Portable Office
According to Shawn Forno it is essential to streamline your office gear as much as possible and the only things you really need for a portable office are your phone, computer, and an internet connection.

Quit Your Job and Travel the World – How We Did It Blogging!
Alex and Lauren share seven steps that led them to success.

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