DN/LI/TB 8/2/17

DN/LI/TB 8/2/17

Articles and posts by or about travellers working online

How I’ve Lived and Traveled Around the World for Four Years Without Going Broke – Part III
Earning $3 a day for monitoring email and $15 for a blog post begins to recede into the background as Alana Morgan begins to establish herself as a freelancer.

An Open Letter to Advertisers Who Don’t Appreciate Our Hard Work
Hey advertisers, make it believable when you tell Trisha Velarmino you like her work, otherwise you are going in the junk folder.

Turning a Blog into a Business: 7 Things I Did Right
Amanda Williams never expected anyone except her parents to read her blog, let alone that she would one day make money from it. But as time went by and her audience began growing she faced a decision: Was her blog going to remain just a hobby, or was it time to start thinking about it as a business and eventually a career?

How to Get Paid to Travel the World
A juggled combination of things, from social media consulting to photography services, determines where Christy Woodrow’s next dollar will come from.

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