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Earning While You Explore: Popular Part Time Job Roles in Dubai for Expats

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If you are travelling and working in order to fund your trip you may want to consider stopping by in Dubai.

There are so many obvious reasons why you would want to take some time to visit this part of the United Arab Emirates; with its reputation of pure luxury, rich culture and a place that offers out of this world life experiences. Dubai is a perfect place to aim for on your travels if you want a trip to remember and need to earn cash to finance your stay.

Dubai’s ever growing tourist economy means that business is thriving and in turn there are employment opportunities within hospitality, retail and customer service. With countless hotels and restaurants in the city, skilled and entry level positions within all three sectors are easy to come across. There are part-time and full-time positions available in all manor of hotels working specifically within hospitality and catering. Chefs specialising in all types of cuisines are continually needed as new eateries are always opening for business and non-natives are always moving on to their next exotic location. As a result, waiting and bar staff positions are a frequent find on the jobs boards.

The majority of hotels will have some level of round the clock staffing in regards to food and drink and customer service. This is a great sector to look for employment if you are specifically aiming to work part time during your stay in Dubai. Be prepared to work through the night and rather unsociable hours but on the plus side this will free up a lot of your time to then enjoy your new surroundings and experience the city. Front of house or reception work is a 24 hour service within all reputable hotels and so you will find shift patterns to suit your plans. Your origins will no doubt work in your favour as people from all across the globe come to visit Dubai each year and so your native tongue will likely be a selling point to secure you a position within a customer facing role. With this in mind if you speak a second language this is something to emphasise to employers when approaching them for these sorts of positions. The roles available in this sector are vast and include everything from cleaners to lifeguards.

Other areas that are rich with opportunities are the retail industry. Dubai is home to some of the world’s best Malls, which house some of the high street and catwalks biggest names. This provides opportunities for part time work in a variety of positions such as sales assistant, managerial roles and depending on experience there are opportunities for personal stylists and creative posts.

You needn’t go to Dubai on a wing and a prayer hoping to gain employment, you can apply for jobs online with many sites specialising in positions from overseas, for instance the Overseas Job Centre. The trick to successful travels is planning, so if you can get an idea where people are recruiting prior to your departure you will know where to base yourself within the city and what type of accommodation to secure.

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    Dubai has a luxury lifestyle. Hotels can do help with it.

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    I am very thankful for sharing such a great content. I will surely enhance my job skills to earn millions of dollars working in abroad countries.
    I would love to be in touch with the other posts of this site.

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