Get TEFL Certified in Chiang Mai with SEE TEFL

Get TEFL Certified in Chiang Mai with SEE TEFL

Recently we compared the services of six organisations offering TEFL teaching internships in Thailand. Of the choices available SEE TEFL is the only one that focuses solely on Thailand and we often see them praised in forums and groups. Along with their internship, SEE TEFL offer a four week TEFL course with start dates throughout the year.

We asked John Quinn, director of SEE TEFL, to give us a little background to Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), and why Chiang Mai is such a great place to begin your career as a travelling teacher.

What is TEFL?

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. It’s a generic term used to describe the industry and training courses for English teachers working overseas.

The industry standard training course for teachers is a four week, 120 hour, onsite face to face practical skills development course with six observed teaching practices at local schools with real students.

The course should satisfy all legal requirements of the country where training takes place. In Thailand, this means the training centre must be licensed as a non-formal school by the Thai Ministry of Education.

Get TEFL Certified in Chiang Mai with SEE TEFL

What are the job opportunities?

TEFL jobs exist in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Laos, Singapore and Myanmar in Southeast Asia. In North Asia, South Korea, China, Taiwan and Japan are major employers of TEFL teachers. There are also opportunities across the Middle East, Africa, Europe, South/Central America and the UK.

There are positions at formal school, universities, colleges and language schools. It’s also possible to tutor privately and teach online.

Salaries in Southeast Asia provide a comfortable lifestyle. Salaries in North Asia allow teachers to save more money than they did in their home country. Salaries in the Middle East can exceed $70,000/year tax free with lots of nice extras such as flights, apartments etc.

Why do you need training?

Imagine stepping into a classroom of students with poor English skills and explaining and contextualizing a language point. Then, how do you then get them to practice the language point?

An effective TEFL course equips you with the classroom skills necessary to ‘explain’ and contextualize language. You will have a teaching methodology that supports you and the students; a template, if you prefer, for teaching language.

Language students learn if they understand the language point and are given controlled opportunities in the classroom to practice.

It’s possible to find a job with just a degree. However, imagine your first day in the classroom without training! There’s a high turnover of unprepared TEFL teachers. The ones that stay often feel unfulfilled as they are not effective teachers.

Get TEFL Certified in Chiang Mai with SEE TEFL

Do I need to speak the students’ first language?

No. You will learn how to ‘explain’ ideas and give instructions using only English supported by graded language, images, timelines, examples and context. The language classroom should be an English-only learning environment.

Why Chiang Mai?

In no particular order: historical city, beautiful landscapes, low cost of living, delicious Thai food, delicious International food, magnificent temples, bargain shopper’s paradise, easy to reach, adventure, relaxing and laid-back, museums, fantastic festivals, ethnic tribes, friendly locals…

Is TEFL certification a legal requirement?

A Bachelor’s degree is usually a requirement for most TEFL jobs nowadays as it’s a requirement for visa and work permit applications. Although onsite TEFL certification isn’t a legal requirement, it’s usually a condition of employment. It’s also essential to be trained if you wish to have an effective and fulfilling teaching experience.


Over the last 12 years, SEE TEFL have averaged a 97% graduation rate for attendees. People who begin their TEFL course are highly likely to finish successfully.

Trainees generally find work very quickly and the SEE TEFL certification is accepted throughout Thailand and the world, with a job guarantee that backs this up.

SEE TEFL trainees design and teach six authentic observed teaching practice lessons in real schools with real students.

Our accreditation is based on organisations which have the actual authority to certify and license organizations for international quality management standards (recognised by governments), and permission to teach and train in Thailand (the Thai government).

We have a very reasonable course fee of US$1,395 with early bird discounts on deposit payments.

Balance payments are not due until the end of the first day of training in Chiang Mai.

We have a new purpose-built school facility with modern classrooms, wifi Internet, computer workstations, printers, and copiers.

For these reasons SEE TEFL have become one of the most popular TEFL courses in Thailand.

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