Our First Guest Post: Volunteer Your Way Through Central America

Our First Guest Post: Volunteer Your Way Through Central America

We had our first guest post published a few days ago. I recently wrote about 12 Travel Blogs Looking for Guest Posts and decided to write for one of them myself.

It has been a long time since I wrote for another publication. There is enough work to do already keeping JAB and the Overseas Job Centre updated (let alone this blog), but being published in the excellent Art of Backpacking reminded me of the thrill of seeing my name in another publication.

Starting in Belize and ending in Panama, the feature is a bit of a wish list as we hope to be in that neck of the jungle by the end of this year.

The trip has already been cancelled once to look for somewhere to live and as money will most likely be tight reducing expenses while doing something worthwhile at the same time seems a win win situation.

Check out the article at Art of Backpacking if you are interested in ideas to Volunteer your way through Central America

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  1. Michael

    The article did extremely well. We were glad to have you on the site! 🙂

    1. The Working Traveller

      Thanks Michael. I’m glad I posted my article to AOB. I’d like to have guest posts on this site in the future so It also was interesting to experience things from the guest writer’s side.

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