Hotel/Hostel Review: Airy Resort Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand

Hotel/Hostel Review: Airy Resort Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand

Airy Resort is the first accommodation we have ever booked in advance, though we have in the past enjoyed a similar feeling to the security this gives when trading advertising with hostels and hotels.

Despite years of travelling and staying in hundreds of accommodations only twice – in Auckland, thanks to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Bangkok, because of Chinese New Year – has not prebooking a room come back to bite us on the arse.

This time though, arriving once again during Chinese New Year, after a long day of trains and flights, and keen to avoid the Bangkok curse – bad things happen every time we fly into this city – we finally used the HostelWorld app that had so far loitered unused on our iPod Touch.

We booked two nights, paying 630thb for an ensuite double per night, and got plenty of use out of the room as we slept pretty much for most of our stay, screwing up our body clocks so much we twice paid for an extra night to further acclimatise. Travelling has never hit us so hard before. Perhaps we are getting too old for this?

Paying at reception was cheaper at 540thb per night, a little less when reception bothered to fish about for change. We found a certain amount of can’t be arsery from some staff and in the restaurant, where portions are small, but only to the point we were amused rather than annoyed.

Airport pickup cost 150thb for the two of us and after clearing the room of mosquitoes I flopped on the bed for a presleep nap. The beds here are wider than some of the rooms we have stayed in elsewhere in this city, perhaps a little hard for me but Deirdre liked it.

Otherwise the room is the standard shape found in large hotels around the world, bathroom by the door, balcony at the other end, and equipped with aircon, a wardrobe, one bedside cabinet, and a kettle on a skinny table against the wall opposite the bed. Above this is a TV full of fuzzy, mostly Thai channels. Good wifi permeates the rooms.

Airy Resort Suvarnabhumi Airport

The room also had what is most likely the last refrigerator we’ll see for a while. A couple of bottles of water and coffee sachets are provided each day. It was clean, as was the bathroom, despite a leaky, loose tap.

Unfortunately, my localised insect genocide didn’t get all the mozzies but I travel with a special device we shall call Deirdre that soaks up all their attention so didn’t get bit once.

Their feasting on her face, arms and hands, contributed to some sleepless nights and management has taken the trouble to put up a sign advising against opening the balcony door, aware the pond outside aides their numbers. The room had a fair few do this/don’t do that signs scattered about the place.

The rest of the view is made up of low flying airplanes, tweeting birds, passing trains and the airport link monorail. Despite all this the room wasn’t especially noisy.

Locally there’s a few small shops and shack type eateries just around the corner, some nearby street food options on the main road, and a mall within walking distance. Otherwise opt for the free pickup that goes there every hour or two depending on the time of day, but expect to walk back. This will also drop guests off at Lat Krabang station, one stop on the airport link from the airport.

Reading this back I perhaps sound a little negative in places but we look back on our four days here with some fondness. In more central parts of Bangkok we’ve paid just a little less, sometimes more, and not got nearly as much, though travellers with less time to spare than us shouldn’t waste so much time at this end of town.

Airy Resort Suvarnabhumi Airport, 432 Ladkrabang Soi 3, Ladkrabang Road, Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok.

Please note we hadn’t decided to do reviews at this stage so I didn’t take any photos. These have been pinched from

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