Hotel/Hostel Review: Malaysia Guest House, Bangkok, Thailand

Hotel/Hostel Review: Malaysia Guest House, Bangkok, Thailand

Don’t confuse the Malaysia Guest House with the nearby Malaysia Hotel. I haven’t been in the other, where the Wheelers once stayed and scribbled down a bit of the first Lonely Planet guide (available free here for Kindle), but I suspect they are very different animals.

Our Malaysia is a cheapie option just off Soi Sribumphen. After being castigated for walking into the first place I found and paying over our budget at the disappointing Sri Bumphen Plus, Deirdre resolved straight away to show me the error of my ways. I might point out here that, sure, she paid less but only tried one place too, walking around the corner to the Malaysia and negotiating the 500thb rate down to 450thb if we stayed three nights and didn’t go mad with the aircon, plus a 200 thb key deposit.

They had builders in but they confined their banging and shouting for an hour or so around 8am before taking a break for a bit of spot welding around lunch time and then seeming to call it a day.

review of Malaysia Guest House, Bangkok, Thailand

Reception doubles as a travel agent and the whole operation appears to be family run with granny getting into her jimjams to snore like a train under a desk each night.

They were likeable and friendly, in a we have your cash and will never see you again way, and we kept them amused each day with our failure to remember to swipe our keyring, pulling or pushing violently on the front door instead.

Our room was windowless and sparsely furnished with a bed and a TV, though it looked clean. This is a place to crash but not much else. There is no communal area for an awake partner to do anything other than lie in the dark while the other sleeps, though there is a table outside the building. Couples will do well to sync their sleeping patterns here. Ours weren’t. Wifi is good for the most part but flits in and out for anything a bit more heavy duty than email, social media and browsing.

review of Malaysia Guest House, Bangkok, Thailand

Our room had a private bathroom, except it wasn’t at all private. Built into the room as an afterthought the walls didn’t go all the way to the ceiling. The shower is above the toilet, the sink outside, in the room itself, and water drained slowly, though the water is hot.

On leaving we forgot to claim our deposit for the key. Our fault I guess but I feel it should have been handed over without needing to ask. You owe us 200thb granny.

Malaysia Guest House, 4 Thung Maha Mek, Sathon, Bangkok 10120

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