Hotel/Hostel Review: Sri Bumphen Plus, Bangkok, Thailand

Hotel/Hostel Review: Sri Bumphen Plus, Bangkok, Thailand

Sri Bumphen Plus was our first choice for where to stay on arrival in Bangkok after our flights but we decided against once we realised we were unlikely to make their 9pm check in time.

This turned out to be a good decision both because we wouldn’t have made it on time and because we – mostly me – were largely unsatisfied with our stay here.

On the face of it Sri Bumphen Plus offered a good, clean room with a particularly pleasant bathroom but I should have been tipped off that all wasn’t right for me within the first few minutes when trying to book our room.

We had decided to try the Soi Ngam Dupli neighbourhood of Bangkok after reading James Clark’s post on this backpacker forerunner to the KSR. Having bedded down now in several different areas of Bangkok we were intrigued by this faded but possibly about to come up part of town and thought reasonable proximity to Lumphini Park an added bonus.

After standing awhile beside the road with our bags while Deirdre went off in search of rooms I searched on a map for Miggy’s Guesthouse, mentioned in James’ post, but unable to find it instead noticed we must have passed Sri Bumphen Plus. Once Deirdre came back empty handed it was my turn to scout around and despite literally seconds earlier having agreed we should budget our accommodation at 500thb I quickly found Sri Bumphen Plus set back slightly from the road, walked in and paid 720thb for the night.

This wasn’t quite as straight forward as I make it sound. To get this rate I had to book online otherwise it would be 800thb so after they divvyed up the password to their connection I stood in front of the two staff and attempted but failed to make the booking.

Clearly not being able to get online via their wifi was my fault but a solution was offered by (I assume) the manager who entered my details via her smart phone into After a reluctance to enter our credit card details into her phone I paid over the counter, plus a 1000thb deposit should we run amok, went and fetched Deirdre and accepted a deduction in brownie points and a couple of days of on off nagging for paying more than we agreed.

From then on the wifi soured my relationship with the manager. Though it eventually got going on the reception connection the open wifi on the floors that reached our room was dire.

But what really annoyed me was after having noticed a password protected signal that perhaps might work better the manager insisted all the passwords, including the one I tried written on our door, were the same and, rather than give me it there and then, insisted I go back to our room and reread it from the sign on our door. It didn’t work and she’d gone for the night by the time I walked back down the stairs.

I rarely dislike people working in hotels and hostels, finding indifference from people working in customer service amusing rather than annoying, but send me up two flights of stairs because you can’t be bothered and you have an enemy for life.

I should point out that Deirdre rubbed along fine with the staff and my experience might not be repeated for you but to sum up: clean, smallish room, comfortable bed, good bathroom, aircon, tv, no fridge, free coffee in reception, shit wifi, gobshite manager.

Sri Bumphen Plus, 32/1-3 Soi Sribumphen, Rama 4 Rd., Sathorn, Sathorn, Bangkok, 10120, Thailand

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