Hotel/Hostel Review: Thaluang Hotel, Pakse, Laos

Hotel/Hostel Review: Thaluang Hotel, Pakse, Laos

We first found this place four years ago via Lonely Planet. The book mentioned a mynah bird but if it has been neglected as much as the hotel it is surely dead now. We didn’t see evidence of it but then we did only stay overnight.

The Thaluang’s attraction is its price, and its location near the travel agents needed to whisk us away south early next morning. We did the same last we were here, cracking on as soon as we could, but apparently had returned to Pakse for a few days before we travelled back to Thailand, something I don’t remember at all. A walk around town looking for somewhere to eat jogged my memory enough to elicit several ‘oh yeah’ exclamations.

Despite our short stay this time we got to see two rooms here. They were both grubby cells that only differentiated in what lay broken inside. A missing toilet cistern lid didn’t bother us too much but we had to move once we realised we couldn’t lock the door from the outside.

Thaluang Hotel Pakse Review

Our new room a couple of doors down had its own checklist of problems but it was the fan refusing to rotate, sending a steady gust of cool air into the space between the twin beds that kept us awake most the night. Pushing the beds together both made the room seem even smaller and failed to fix our localised temperature imbalance.

On the plus side, the shower was ok, and the only other piece of furniture, a bit of bamboo, did an outstanding job of preventing our tablet from laying on the floor while it recharged. For all this we paid 60,000kip for the night.

Thaluang Hotel, Bane Thaluang, Pakse District


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