iPhone Home: Amer, Tend To Travel

iPhone Home: Amer, Tend To Travel

My iPhone, is one of my most precious items when travelling. This particular and now ancient iPhone 3GS was bought more than two years ago, about a day after its launch.

I’ve been using a number of apps during the lifetime of this phone. I used to have loads of them, but everything changed when I accidentally updated the phone and stupidly did not care to save the settings and the contacts. Either that or I’m extremely incapable of managing any computer related products. Well, maybe both.

iPhone Apps for TravelAs a full-time Architect and the owner of an ordinary travel blog, you might think that my favourite app is to do with either architecture or some travel-related stuff. Answer: absolutely not. My most precious app is actually an NBA game. The latest from the legendary 2K Sports – the all new NBA2K12. Yes. With tons of game modes, this is officially the app I couldn’t live without. I have spent hours each day playing this game. Have yet to miss a day.

Being a travel blogger, I’m also an avid user of Twitter and Facebook. Who doesn’t have these apps nowadays? Twitter helps me to read and respond my tweets from wherever I am provided there’s WiFi around somewhere. Facebook meanwhile is something I’m focusing on a lot more nowadays. These two apps have become more and more important to me, especially the fact that it represents two different regions. Most of my twitter followers are either from Europe, the US or Australia. Nearly a third of my Facebook likes come from my Malaysian fans.

My travel takes me to some beautiful and some not so beautiful places. I take tons of photos whether I’m travelling or not. Things have become easier for me thanks to the great Instagram. Ordinary photos now look like a work of art. Yes, it’s that good.

A new addition is the 360 Panorama app that allows me to take great 360 degrees photos just by scanning around the skyline. It’s easy to use and I absolutely love it. The only drawback is the slow processing time, and yes it does crash. Anyway, still a cool feature to have!

Then, I have the Spanish for dummies app. In fact, I also have the French, Mandarin and the Italian versions. But the Spanish one reigns king, not because I truly enjoy learning languages, but I found my larger than average number of average Spanish colleagues mock me with my silly phrases. Really funny. Yes, it’s a sad fact. I love being mocked and being a dummy. There you go, if only I could re-download the XE currency converter app that would be fantastic.

Nah..I’m playing my NBA game instead.

Amer blogs at Tend To Travel and can be found on twitter @TendToTravel

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    i play nba 2012 on my laptop all the time, when travelling

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