iPhone Home

iPhone Home

I was on a pitifully slow internet connection when my iPod Touch arrived just before Christmas and wasn’t able to start downloading the apps that I felt would enhance my new toy/essential work tool. For weeks the pre-set home screen stared at me while I itched to make it my own.

iPod Touch Home ScreenAll the apps, bar one, on the device are free. It took a lot of effort to justify buying the iPod to begin with, especially when considered alongside the expenses of a new laptop, camera and the costs involved in the extended travels they were all wanted for.

The BBC News moved in first. Our dependency on the app became apparent when Mubarak’s failing regime cut the internet and it took a couple of days before we thought of finding a TV as an alternate source of news.

Other apps on their own News page, including the London Evening Standard, NYTimes and HuffPost, testify to our news junky status. The live streaming on Al Jazeera is superb and helped us follow the events in English while the waiters in Dahab gathered around the TV waiting for their dictator to resign (he didn’t that day).

The usefulness of Maps and Google Earth have diminished since our return home but both got used often when we were moving around. Dealing with international advertisers and living in Turkey we still use a currency app but otherwise most of our 50 plus travel apps are mothballed for the present.

Our current static status has changed the way we use our iPod Touch. While Twitter and TweetDeck are preferred in larger format on the laptop, only MobileRSS and Skype are used more often on the iPod. The Radio also gets a look in before our old laptop warms up enough to stream Radio 1 which has vastly reduced the number of podcasts previously consumed on long bus journeys.

We want to make this a regular feature. Send us a picture (and a few words) of the home screen of your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or other smartphone and we will include you here.

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