James Benge’s TEFL Torment

James Benge’s TEFL Torment

You’ve got your ticket and a job abroad lined up. What can go wrong? Well, lots of things can and sometimes we like to present a reminder that working abroad isn’t all puppies and pie. This cautionary tale from James Benge originally appeared in TWT when it formed the magazine section of our Overseas Job Centre site:

“This is just a short warning emphasising the need for people who are going to teach abroad to check their contracts. This is due to a recent trip to South Korea where my plan was to stay for twelve months being cut short after only six weeks. As a result of breaking my leg in a freak accident I had to attend one of the major hospitals in Suwon only to find that my school had not taken cover for me (despite it stating they had and also me pestering them endlessly as I knew the perils experienced due to previously working for a travel insurance company!). It was expected of me to pay the equivalent of nearly £3000. The school did then state that they could have offered cover but I would have had to pay 50% of the claim. Consequently I am now back in the UK.”

Image courtesy Chelsea Marie Hicks

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