Jeff Steiner: Why I Live in… La Roche sur Foron

Jeff Steiner: Why I Live in… La Roche sur Foron

Over the last fifteen years Jeff Steiner has learned a lot about living and travelling in France. We ask Jeff to share some of that information with The Working Traveller.

I’m sure you’ve never heard this before: where are you from?

I’m from Los Angeles California

And what did you do there then?

Lots of different things. Up until my 20 I was a student and after that I worked as a cabinet maker/carpenter.

How did you end up in La Roche sur Foron?

My wife got a job in Geneva Switzerland and so we moved to the area around Geneva, that’s mostly France and first lived in Reignier and then moved to La Roche sur Foron (known locally as la Roche) in 2006.

Have you lived abroad before?

Yes, In the early 1990s I spent a year in Nicaragua. Living on the Atlantic Coast.

So what’s so good about La Roche sur Foron?

That it’s small but has enough services, school, doctors, stories etc that it’s not too small. You can pretty much find anything you’ll need here. Might sound strange as I come from a big city but small town is nice for quality of life.

Living and working as an expat in La Roche, France

And what don’t you like?

At the moment I have to say the weather. It was a very gray winter with not much sun. But that’s France :).

Do you feel like an insider or outsider?

I guess more like an outsider. For the French it takes having five generations in the graveyard before one is really considered and insider to a area.

How do you support yourself?

I teach English and have 40+ web sites about France.

Any advice for wannabe La Roche sur Foroners (I’m sure this is wrong. What do you call yourselves?)

People in La Roche are called Rochois/Rochoises. As with living anywhere in France try it for a while before doing something like buying a house.

Is the move permanent?

It’s permanent, but we (wife and son) might spend a year in the US in the near future.

Finally, tell us about something typically La Roche sur Foron.

Abondance cows that are in the local fields and whose milk is used to make Abondance cheese.


Jeff Steiner has created dozens of websites and apps for living and travelling in France, including his countrywide resource Americans in France. For more information on his other sites, visit Jeff can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Jeff Steiner, an expat living and working in La Roche, France

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  1. nicole

    I would love to live in France (specifically paris). I think it’s great this family is doing this. =)

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