Jesse Logister: Why I Live in Bangkok

Jesse Logister: Why I Live in Bangkok

Though a loyal, honest and hard working employee, Jesse Logister didn’t always feel appreciated in his jobs as a cleaner of trains, mail man, factory worker, sales person, and airport luggage handler, so he escaped the 9 to 5 to Thailand and a job online:

I’m sure you’ve never heard this before: where are you from?

I am from Hoorn. A small town in the northern part of the Netherlands.

And what did you do there, then?

In the Netherlands I was a part time writer, and I was working at the airport as a baggage handler.

How did you end up in Bangkok?

About seven years ago I traveled to Bangkok/Thailand for the first time. After my trip I got excited about the idea of living in Thailand. I returned a few years later and stayed in Bangkok for a year. I had to return to the Netherlands but decided to come back to Bangkok once again.

Have you lived abroad before?

I have lived in Thailand before. I also lived in Tokyo for about three months.

So what’s so good about Bangkok?

Bangkok and I have a love/hate relationship. It is a busy, dirty and chaotic city but I always want to return to this fascinating place.

The many transportation options and the relatively cheap prices make Bangkok a very attractive place to live. Everything is available in this huge city and I like that a lot. I can go out for food, drinks and entertainment at any time of the day. I miss all these conveniences whenever I leave the city.

And what don’t you like?

I do not like the heavy pollution in this city. It is a very unhealthy cocktail in combination with the heat and humidity.

Living in Bangkok

Do you feel like an insider or outsider?

I feel familiar with Thailand and Bangkok but I do not completely feel like an insider. For that, I still need to have a better understanding of the Thai language and the local culture of the people.

How do you support yourself?

I am a freelance writer and blogger. I also give English lessons and presentation classes.

Any advice for wannabe Bangkokers (I’m sure this is wrong. What do you call yourselves?)

The English equivalent is Bangkokian. However, Thai people call their capital Krungthep. So they would say something like khon Krungthep (people of Bangkok).

I advise wannabe Bangkokians to get involved with Thai local life. Bangkok is a city with a lot of tourists and expats. However the main tourist and expat area’s often do not show the real beauty of Bangkok . Be prepared to discover a completely different world when you get off the beaten path. Take that side alley. You will not regret it.

Is the move permanent?

My move to Thailand is not permanent. I want to live in various countries. The next destination will probably be a quiet island in Greece. A totally different experience.

Finally, tell us about something typically Bangkok

Thai people in Bangkok like to sit in front of the 7-eleven. There they chat, play music and drink whiskey with soda water.


Jessie Logister, Living in BangkokJesse writes at He can also be found on Twitter @JesseLogister and Facebook.

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