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JobSpy: Volunteer Work on Tern Island, Hawaii

Where: Tern Island, Hawaiian Islands
Who: US Fish & Wildlife Service

Part of the French Frigate Shoals, the largest atoll in the north western Hawaiian Islands is home to nesting seabirds, endangered Hawaiian monk seals, and threatened Hawaiian green sea turtles.

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Before America’s entry in World War Two the island was used by the Japanese as a clandestine landing and refuelling site for reconnaissance missions against Pearl Harbor.

Twice a year, from either March to September or September to March, a small number of volunteers arrive to help out with duties such as seabird monitoring and research, control of introduced alien plants, report writing, assisting researchers and with maintenance and repair of facilities and equipment.

Though everyone is expected to pitch in and help out where required biological volunteers are expected to have a university level background in wildlife biology, native plants ecology, or a related field.

Maintenance volunteers need experience and skills in one or more of the following: small engine repair, boat repair, electrician work, plumbing, carpentry. Previous extended backcountry or remote location experience is preferred.

Other requirements include physical and mental fitness. International volunteers are responsible for obtaining the proper visas.

Despite the isolation, long commitment and hard work, these positions are very competitive and early application is advised.

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