JobSpy: Volunteer Guides Wanted in Costa Rica

JobSpy: Volunteer Guides Wanted in Costa Rica

The Monte Verde Butterfly Garden, an environmental education centre in Costa Rica, seeks enthusiastic volunteer guides to lead one and a half hour tours around the centre.

Volunteer guide with butterflyThe focus of the centre is on insects and spiders found in Monteverde and volunteers are encouraged to handle the critters during the tour. Herpetophobes though can relax with the news that it is not absolutely required.

Volunteer guides are expected to give up to four tours a day, help at reception, and perform general maintenance duties. The minimum stay at the butterfly garden is two months with one day off each week. Your working week will be rewarded with three squares and a bed.

It should be noted that the butterfly garden is in the mountains and not at the beach. Warm clothes, in addition to rain gear, should be included in your things, as it is always windy and sometimes rainy. Good walking shoes or hiking boots are a must for hiking on your days off and walking to town.

Full information about the centre, including phone and email contact details can be found at

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