Life After Travelling. What’s Next?

Life After Travelling. What’s Next?

Mary Joy is a Filipino travel blogger based in Manchester. She shares her travel experiences as a solo traveler on different travel sites to inspire her readers’ inner wanderlust. She enjoys capturing every special moment with her camera and immortalise it with it. Her main interests when exploring the world are the artistic heritage of the place and cuisine.

So, you’ve just returned back from your incredible travelling experience. You’ve been gone for perhaps months at a time, and you left your ordinary, straightforward and repetitive daily routine at your front door all those months ago. So now the idea of heading back to it might feel a little deflating…

You’ve grown accustomed to meeting new people every day, being stimulated by the ever changing environment around you, incredible sights, sounds and smells that are a world away from your old bedroom, which all seems pretty dull in comparison. Even if you’ve been looking forward to coming home and sleeping in your own bed and enjoying a few home comforts; your mums cooking, the family dog, your old school friends, once you’ve been travelling, the everyday can seem a little dull.

But even though those travelling memories seem like a lifetime ago, and you sit pouring over all your photographs and mementos of your trip, you can make the transition back to normal life with these simple ideas.

Catalogue your journey

Don’t lose those incredible images of your trip in the depths of social media. Let them see the light of day! Get them printed onto beautiful, panoramic canvases – check out this website for more ideas – or print and post on your fridge so you’re reminded of an incredible moment every time you reach for the orange juice. Write a post-travel journal and document and sort each photograph by date, location and by who was in it. If you managed to film any of your travels then download some free editing software and make a movie of the best bits. Upload it to YouTube if you’re feeling brave or keep it for you to enjoy in the years to come.

Life After Travel

Look on the brightside

It can be easy to look back at your travels through rose tinted glasses, and only remember the stunning views and those nights where you danced and drank the night away under the stars in a country many have never even heard of. But now you’re back, why not take a little time to appreciate the simplicity of home.

Remember when you needed to see a Dr and no one spoke English? Just think how easy it is to get medical care now you’re back home! Or the time when your bank cards and cash were stolen? You can easily navigate streets and towns now that everything is in a language you understand. No more bartering for a lower price…and a bout of food poisoning is a little less likely!

Seek something new

It can be easy to feel stuck in a rut. But this is when you need to take action. Enrol on a course, apply for a new job. Or something simple like learning a new recipe or hitting your fitness goals.

Keep in touch

You’ve made friends while you were travelling the world. So why not keep in touch with them? With email, social media, facetime and the good old telephone, there’s no excuse for falling out of touch with those you have great memories with. Make it happen!

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