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Making Mud Houses in Ghana and Front of House Vacancies in Malaysia: New Positions Posted to Our Jobs Abroad Bulletin

While we know it is happening through the positive feedback of employers who report having found some great people via our Jobs Abroad Bulletin, we rarely hear from the people who have bagged the jobs themselves. We tend to allow employers to post their vacancies to us and then we stand back while Norwegians find work in Spain, Australians get jobs in the UK or Americans start their gap years in Kenya.

So we were delighted when Owen got in touch with us last year from Malaysia and told us how much he was enjoying working for Rimba Resort. Their winter break is coming to an end and they are once again looking for seasonal front of house staff to work on an island in the South China Sea from February 21 to November 30.

Owen has since moved on to working in New Zealand and while it would be great if we could now segue into a vacancy in New Zealand that’s not going to happen because we do not have anything from that part of the world this week. Instead, how about working in a boutique hotel in the Algarve, a live in position for a guardian/handyman for a large Mykonos villa, or a job as a general assistant in a 5 star country hotel in the UK?

Also in the UK, a small family run company wants summer workers to sell strawberries at events across Britain, including the Grand Prix, horse racing, music festivals, air shows, and country shows.

There were several gap year and volunteer positions in Latin America posted to us recently – such as that of green sea turtle research assistant, or Amazon conservation and community internships – but Frontier is offering paid roles to eco trail leaders to lead their volunteer travel and conservation experiences in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia and oversee all the logistical and administrative aspects of the expedition. Other positions are available on their website.

We rarely get jobs sent to us from Colombia so we particularly welcomed this chance to gain teaching experience, free accommodation and meals in a hostel, in return for teaching English in Ibagué.

Elsewhere in South America, Kaya Responsible Travel seeks volunteers studying or trained in a healthcare of medically related field. They also need people in a number of other countries including Ghana, Belize, Costa Rica, South Africa and India, where we also have advertised a medical work experience and a press journalist internship.

Lastly, we have been sent two positions in Africa. The first is for a (preferably but not necessarily) French-speaking English language teacher trainer to train local teachers in Gabon basic, intermediate and advanced English Language teaching. The second position is for architects, designers and skilled volunteers from around the world to take part in the 2014 Design-Build Workshops in Ghana. Billed as the future of mud architecture, the workshops start on the 10th of every month and are designed to enable participants to explore the abundant local natural materials in Abetenim village.

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