Meet Our Working Abroad Experts

Meet Our Working Abroad Experts

We often get asked questions here at TWT but to be honest we are a bit hit or miss about answering your enquiries. When we are on the ball, on top of things and have an answer quickly to hand – or, even better, in my head – we can be both helpful and quick to respond but when I have my head down and am working on a project email is something I tend to neglect.

I think to myself I’ll do that later, get lost in the task at hand, and the next thing I know it’s the early hours of the morning and the task is postponed to the next day. The next day I do the exact same thing and a month later starting that email without sounding lame is really difficult.

Even paying advertising enquiries used to go answered until I farmed this task out to Deirdre, who is a lot more organised and less prone to distraction than I am. The oldest email in my inbox still highlighted to do is dated April 15, 2014. Starting that one is going to be tough and the only reason there aren’t any older is I shoved those into a folder marked ‘You really are fucking useless at this aren’t you?’

Have your working abroad questions answered by people that aren’t lazy and stupid like me

So we have done what we always do when confronted with a problem. We get someone else to do it. We turned with teary eyes and a quivering lower lip to Christine Ka’aloa and Tom Gates, who both said they can answer questions any of you may have on teaching English in South Korea. Josie and Conrad Schneider said they know a thing or two about house sitting, while Chris Stevens is only too happy to field any queries on working as a surf instructor.

It is still early days and we are looking for more experts but for the moment we have a dozen bloggers willing to field your questions on their chosen subject. We have only approached those that are active in answering questions from their own readers and won’t mind if you drop by with some of your own. For instance the Left Bank Manc already fields questions on au pairing in her forum.

The Working Abroad Experts can be found on our main PAYAway site. We recommend that you read their articles first as you may find many of your questions have already been covered.

More housekeeping news (or things we actually have been doing)

We have also added a Work Abroad Wall to PAYAway, where you can get quick access to Twitter hashtags useful for finding information on working overseas, taking a gap year or a career break. There is also a whole stack of new links added to our directory, with plenty more to come. While we’re here we put up some new vacancies onto the Jobs Abroad Bulletin recently.

Something else we have weaselled out of

Observant readers will have noticed there was no 3onFriday last week and that’s the way it is going to stay for a while. Workers of the World Weekly will be moved to take the Friday slot for the moment. This doesn’t mean we are giving less attention to our sites. We will still be posting here everyday but are saving some of the bigger articles we like to do here for when I have completed some of the tasks that need doing on our other sites.

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