Merry Christmas. Enjoy These Repeats 2012

Merry Christmas. Enjoy These Repeats 2012

Once again we serve up cold second hand fare in what is becoming a Christmas tradition to rival that posh woman who seems to be on the TV every year. This started a couple of years ago when in an effort to do something Christmassy while putting as little effort into the task as possible I came up with the inspired idea of writing about things I had already written about.

This year we have extended this laziness even to the intro to this piece, lifting wholesale chunks of text from last year’s introduction where I metaphorically jumped out of the bath shouting: ‘Repeats! What could be more Christmassy than that?’ Thanks to this self-plagiarism I can doze happily underneath a silly paper hat, full of Christmas cheer.

While Turkey may feature heavily in your diet over the next few days we had a whole month of it back in March when we grouped together a number of photo features from our past travels to Ephesus, Olympos, Urfa and Mt Nemrut. An event worth photographing also occurred in our home town when camel wrestling, a common event in the Aegean region, debuted in Didim.

We also wondered if Bodrum’s Castle of St Peter would be a good place to ride out the zombie apocalypse and told how I nearly broke up a friend’s relationship on our last visit to Istanbul. The astonishing landscape of Cappadocia also featured including this guest post by a volunteer in a fairy chimney cave hotel.

Other volunteer options in Turkey were also considered as were farm work exchanges in Australia. Those wanting to get paid down under can go fruit picking around Australia’s wine regions.

Looking like they have a slightly easier time of things several digital nomads sent us pictures of their daily commute to hammocks, sun loungers, bars and balconies. We also asked if a degree is needed to work abroad and quizzed two working travellers about their jobs as a tour guide in Europe and a stewardess on a superyacht.

Other interviews asked why expats and travellers chose to live in Amsterdam, Bali, Bodrum, Caceres, Cappadocia, Didim, Freiburg, Madrid, Nonthaburi, Okular, Paris and Salta while our #RTWsoon series found out more about the dreams of travellers soon to be off on their adventures.

Hopefully they will come back with better photographic memories than us. This year we displayed our ineptitude with a camera by showing our photos of a bird’s bum, an elephant’s ear, evil camels and blurry Balinese dancers. We also welcomed our first troll who commented on our marvellous photo of the Diyarbakir branch of a Turkish mobile telecoms company.

After those digital travesties I’m not sure why we thought we were in a place to advise on getting good shots at Petra, but we did. We also found 7 reasons to slag off Jordan, demonstrated how you can recreate the Inca Trail in your own home, wondered if we would still be backpacking when we get old and, ultimately, contemplated our backpacker deaths.

Other fun was had with Beiruti Bingo, while football’s popularity around the world is clearly evident in most countries. And, though watching Turks dodging goats to score a goal is great fun, sometimes the ancient or magnificent things we see every day on our travels are not enough and we just want to catch the big game at home.

Lastly, this year we launched two new sites on taking a gap year and taking a career break and joined the more remote tribes of this world to finally get on Facebook.

Merry Christmas,
Shane & Deirdre

Image courtesy Zellaby.

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  1. Amy

    Merry (belated) xmas guys and Happy New Year! I look forward to following your travels in 2013 and FINALLY setting off on my own – it’s nearly time to hit the road!

    1. Shane

      Thanks Amy. The same to you and Andrew. I visited your site yesterday and noticed your countdown is chugging along nicely (2 months and 46 minutes as I write this). That date will be on you sooner than you think as we have found out. Our backpacks are now down from the top of the wardrobe but, oh God, there is still so much to do this weekend before we fly to Istanbul on Sunday.

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