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Monday Photo: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, Thailand

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One comment to Monday Photo: Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • Mike White MIC Golden  says:

    Iv read through yur guys adventures an hard work, and love wat yu guys have going on and have accomplished. I, myself am starting a journey soon. 10-31-2018 I will be leaving this lil town of Galesburg Michigan and will be biking (bycicle) to Cincinnati OH first to see my brother. After a day ther, I will continue South to see my mom in Texas. Wher I plan to work for a period of time, but with plans in mind. Iv researched work trade through WorldPackers As well as Peace Corps an New Zealand Was kinda the “No Eyes An No Peeking, Then Point Dwn On The Map” Kinda way the destination was picked. But Why the he’ll not. It’s set in my mind and im Going For Gold on this Life Decision. Been researching a lot An that’s how I stumbled across the guy’s stories. So I wanted to share way I had planned in the near future. Let’s Live Life
    P.s. didn’t kno way to put for the url so I jus put one to a song a made couple days ago in my lil room set up.

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