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Monday Photo: Giza, Egypt

The Sphinx at Giza, Cairo, Egypt

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4 comments to Monday Photo: Giza, Egypt

  • Marysia @ My Travel Affairs  says:

    Nice perspective, but missing some light 🙂

    • Shane  says:

      Thanks Marysia. This is just one of many places I’d like to return to in the hope the sun will deign to shine next time.

  • 2 Digital Nomads  says:

    I miss Egypt so much, we lived there for 20 years before we decide to quit our jobs and live this nomadic life. Planning on going this year.

    I’d love to take some photos there and apply few techniques that I’ve learned recently 🙂

    • Shane  says:

      We’ve only spent a few months in the country but Egypt is up there on our list of our favourite places. Enjoy your return later this year.

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