More Working Abroad Posts in The Working Traveller in 2014

More Working Abroad Posts in The Working Traveller in 2014

It is a new year and, though we aren’t one for resolutions, the replacement of one calendar with another usually gets us thinking about the direction in which our sites are going. Once the holidays are out of the way new projects can begin and neglected and overdue tasks are tackled.

Where the past year was mostly about us and our Southeast Asian trip this year we expect to be at home and doing very little aside from updating our websites. That isn’t going to make for too many interesting posts, so in 2014 we will do something we have wanted to for quite a while and make sure at least one post each week is devoted to working abroad.

Most Wednesdays will now be given over to a post about working abroad, cheap places to volunteer, gap years and career breaks. On this day each week we intend to be curators, passing on ideas that we believe will have practical value in helping you to finance your travels by finding a paid job, or save money and have a great experience by volunteering overseas. These pieces will posts will mostly be short but informative, such as highlighting websites that we think you should know about.

We still want The Working Traveller to be a travel website, carrying silly things, travel tips and stories from our own travels but by reserving a day to working abroad we’ll always have something on working overseas at least once a week, which hasn’t always been the case despite our best intentions when we began this blog.

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