My Bad Travel Photo: Aborigine in the Distance, Nhulunbuy

My Bad Travel Photo: Aborigine in the Distance, Nhulunbuy

I assume I saw this Australian Aborigine strolling past in the near distance when I took this picture. Nearly ten years later, when picking out a selection of bad travel photos for this feature, I didn’t notice the man and instead wondered why I had chosen to waste a few minutes of the camera’s battery life shooting a bare patch of sand and grass.

Aborigine in the Distance in Nhulunbuy, Australia

I must have whipped out the now ancient Olympus Camedia C-3000, marvelling at how the camera only took ten seconds to warm up, and fired off a shot before he disappeared from view. Now I look at this photo again, with something to attract the eyes it is nowhere near as bad as originally thought.

Whether those are spears, harpoons or rowing oars the man is carrying I can’t remember. The fact he is a little too far away for us to tell means this photo isn’t completely rescued by his presence but is still a vast improvement on what the scene would have been had he been walking just a little faster.

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