My Bad Travel Photo: Angkor Wat

My Bad Travel Photo: Angkor Wat

The Angkor complex is a delight to roam around with a camera and over three days I went snap happy and got a lot of good photographs. The 200 serene faces staring down from the Bayon caught my particular attention and I like to think I also got a few good shots (for me) of Ta Prohm (the Tomb Raider one). The interior of Angkor Wat was also decently captured but I couldn’t get a passable long shot of the exterior for love nor money.

A bad photograph of Angkor Wat, Cambodia


Another bad photograph of Angkor Wat, Cambodia


Yet another bad photograph of Angkor Wat, Cambodia

No! No! No!

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  1. Sam

    Classic. Yesterday I went through 9 months of travel photos with the hope of finding 5 good ones for a travel photo competition and I couldn’t find 5 I’m happy with. I’ll be trying to take some new ones before the competition due date. I enjoyed this post. You’re not a true photographer unless you can critique your own work. And fortunately I hear you learn more from the mistakes than the lucky shots.

    1. I know that feeling. If I didn’t remember taking the pictures myself I’d swear a chimpanzie got hold of my cameraa and ran amok through some of the world’s most photogenic sights.

      Good luck in the competition. I’m sure you will find more good ones but, if you don’t, feel free to submit a bad one to us.

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