Taking Bad Travel Photos

My Bad Travel Photo: Elephant Ear, Ko Samui

The first time I saw an elephant outside of an enclosure I was incompetently riding around Ko Samui on a motorbike. This was my second time on a bike. Though encouraged I hadn’t crashed into a stationary milk float this time I found working down the gears difficult and needed a runway longer than that required by a 747 to come to a halt.

The thing about elephants is they are quite big. Despite plenty of warning from first sighting the animal in the distance to actually stopping I still perhaps got a tad too close.

Elephant Ear. Ko Samui, Thailand

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2 comments to My Bad Travel Photo: Elephant Ear, Ko Samui

  • Dayna  says:

    I would love to hear a blog post about crashing into a milk float! I like that you post ‘bad’ travel photos too… sometimes those are the most memorable.

    • The Working Traveller  says:

      Perhaps I will. I’ll combine it with the unplanned wheelie that sent Deirdre rolling backwards down a hill.

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