Taking Bad Travel Photos

My Bad Travel Photo: Failing to Catch the Drama of the Location, Amadiya

Continuing our series inspired by some of Wandering Earl’s* photographic failures combined with self-depreciating humour, this picture of the Iraqi town of Amadiya is a fine edition to our own efforts to blur and misrepresent some of the astounding things we’ve seen around this planet of ours.

Majestically perched on a level mountain top, this picture makes this scene look like a slightly unusual natural feature rather than the harmonious man made compliment to geography it really is. Wikipedia, along with telling us Amadiya was the home of the three wise men of shopping for Jesus fame, uses a photograph by someone who made a better fist of things by climbing one of the surrounding mountains and taking the shot from above.

* Wandering Earl is himself a visitor to the Iraqi Kurdish region and has put together a useful guide to Kurdistan.

A bad photograph of Amadiya, Kurdistan, Iraq

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