Taking Bad Travel Photos

My Bad Travel Photo: Getting in the Way of the Sunset Snapping Monk

The monk was taking pictures of the sunset and I was taking pictures of him. As the sun dipped and reflected off of the Mekong we both saw a wonderful photo opportunity but I wanted something more than nature’s daily final curtain.

I have numerous sunset pictures – some good, some not so good and the centre point of the monk gave the eye something to focus on. Trouble was he wasn’t the only person vying for unknowing stardom in the shot. Shooting from across the road people’s heads kept getting in the way.

Though not a particularly busy road, sundown seemed to be rush hour and a succession of cyclists and foot traffic interfered with my time limited chance to capture the monk silhouetted in the fading sunshine. The sun wouldn’t dip below the mountains just yet but surely the monk would manage to get a photograph to his satisfaction far quicker than I would and be on his way, because no one was getting their big fucking head in his way.

Monk and sunset, Savannakhet, Myanmar


Monk and Sunset, Savannakhet, Burma

Oh, for…

Monk and Sunset, Savannakhet, Myanmar


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