My Bad Travel Photo: Hong Kong by Earl Baron

My Bad Travel Photo: Hong Kong by Earl Baron

After a memorable day of wandering all over Hong Kong, the time arrived for me to head back to the Queen Mary 2 Ocean Liner (the ship I was working on at the time). And so I reluctantly jumped in a taxi and headed for the pier just north of the city. At one point during this trip, as the taxi slowly rolled along with the heavy traffic, I looked out the window and immediately saw what I thought would make for a memorable final photograph of my visit to this city.

Of course, at the time, I thought the photo would be memorable in a good way but as you can see, the only thing memorable about this shot is how poorly it turned out. I don’t thing there’s a single aspect of this shot (after all, I can now see that the subject matter was not as spectacular as I had thought at the time) that I could talk about in a positive light.

Hong Kong

Earl Baron writes about his extensive travels at Wandering and can be found on Twitter at @WanderingEarl

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