New Look for JAB

New Look for JAB

The Jobs Abroad Bulletin recently celebrated its 100th issue but, instead of making a big fuss, we made that issue the last one. JAB started in April 2000, as a free monthly email bulletin, with 700 subscribers.

JAB has always been a travel publication; it’s intent to show ways for brummies to stay in Bali and for scousers to survive in Sydney. JAB itself is as well travelled as we hoped our readers would become. It has crossed deserts and oceans, climbed mountains and trekked through the jungle to reach your inbox from Chile, Bolivia, Malaysia, Australia and many other places.

At its peak we were sending out close to 60,000 emails a month but that success didn’t come cheap. To keep JAB free, both to readers and to advertisers, large and small, looking to post their vacancies to us, we changed JAB to a website in 2008.

While getting to grips with WordPress over the past few weeks I used a couple of old job ads as sample text while building this website and thought this theme would suit JAB as well, perhaps even better, as it does The Working Traveller.

Jobs will now be posted every few days instead of each month and the blog format should make it much easier for us to keep the site running while we are on the road ourselves.

See the new look Jobs Abroad Bulletin at

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