New Look for The Working Traveller

New Look for The Working Traveller

The Working Traveller has a new look. We have been thinking of making a few changes to the site for a while but the impulse to do so happened quite suddenly.

There is still a lot of work to do. The new theme was added yesterday and kicked around through the early hours of the morning until I had it mostly how we want it. I am still checking how things hang together so apologies if you encounter any problems.

Some of the navigation needs streamlining, more thought is needed on the sidebars and I expect most of next week will be taken up going through all our old posts ensuring images are aligned correctly.

This new theme will better suit our plans for the future of The Working Traveller. Ultimately a lot of content on one of our other sites, the Overseas Job Centre, will migrate over here, though that won’t happen for a while yet as we have other projects to finish first.

We have now installed commentluv on to The Working Traveller and would welcome your opinion below the line on our new look.

Image courtesy longsarms superhuman bird.

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