New Pinterest Boards for Working Abroad

New Pinterest Boards for Working Abroad

Ages ago we attempted to write a guide to working abroad and, as is our way, thought: Wow! This is hard work – isn’t there anyone else we can make do this? Then we hit on a great idea. Why not scour the websites of travel bloggers who have done a bit of teaching or volunteered abroad and while they are not looking – perhaps taking a photo of their food or something – link to articles they have written on these subjects?

So we did and our regular Workers of the World column was born. Then we went back to bed because, without having to write that guide, we now had more time for sleeping. Every now and again we rouse ourselves to group together all those articles into our Blogger’s Guides.

Like our Blogger’s Guides, Pinterest also does not generate its own content; instead drawing from many resources around the web and compiling them in one convenient location. Ben Silbermann, CEO and cofounder of Pinterest, must have noticed our idea, perhaps while looking to find a dish washing job in the South of France, and adapted it to include pictures. Then, instead of going back to bed, he used his free time to do some marketing and stuff and now is worth billions. We look the more refreshed though.

Our emails to Ben for some sort of acknowledgement, or even better, cash money, have gone answered and so in the spirit of if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em we have added some new Pinterest boards with the focus, as you would expect, on working abroad and gap years.

So please take a look at our new Pinterest boards. They are just like our handy Blogger’s Guides, but with pictures:

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