Bad Food Photography

Our Foodie Man in…Sabaidee Santiham, Chiang Mai

Once again we send our fecker of a photographer out onto the streets of Chiang Mai to capture some beautiful images of his favourite meals, and once again he brings us this, this… pah.

On this occasion our money buys us two plates of nothing. Plate one, I am told, was an entrée of spring rolls, while plate two shows all that is left of Pla Duk Phad Phed (Spicy Curry Cat Fish with Herbs). The whole meal came in at around 175 baht (£3.50).

Photographing food... really badly

Photographing food... really badly

Sabaidee Santiham
Santiham Road, Chiang Mai 50300.
Tel: 081 885 1329.

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