Our New Site: Free or Cheap Volunteer Work Abroad

Our New Site: Free or Cheap Volunteer Work Abroad

We have added a new name to our slowly expanding little group of websites. Free (or Cheap) Volunteer Work Abroad joins the Overseas Job Centre and the Jobs Abroad Bulletin in providing ways to travel longer by working abroad and volunteering.

As the name suggests this site is aimed at those looking to find volunteer programmes but do not want to pay large sums of money to get involved in helping others, the environment or even themselves by acquiring new skills and ideas.

In the past ten years or so volunteer work has increasingly become a packaged experience under the new name of voluntourism. For the time challenged or younger volunteers with anxious parents these programmes can make sense in providing security and assistance should things go wrong.

Despite the expense involved with some projects offered by gap year companies there programmes can often be worthwhile, unique experiences that can hugely benefit a CV. Money opens doors, particularly on wildlife projects, that otherwise would remain shut to unqualified volunteers.

But those with more time or used to negotiating the world independently can bypass the middle men and save large sums of money finding volunteer work by themselves at grassroot level.

Community based programmes, especially those involving children, are usually better suited to independent volunteers able to stay longer and it is more likely that the work will benefit the local community as much as it will the volunteer.

In Free (or Cheap) Volunteer Work Abroad we have listed NGOs that usually just need a helping hand by self funded volunteers with bags of enthusiasm and a willingness to pitch in, or would benefit by exposure to a few life experience skills such as building or English teaching.

Free or Cheap Volunteer Work Abroad has grown out of a list we did a couple of years ago on our main site the Overseas Job Centre called 100 Free (or Cheap) Volunteer Work Opportunities. Rather than just update this list and restrict ourselves to just one hundred projects we decided to expand the listings to provide more information and keep adding as many projects as we can find.

Currently there are only a small amount of projects on the site. We already have plenty of others to add and will include more when and wherever we find them.

If you are or know of a project that deserves to be on this list please get in touch with us or tell us more in the comments below.


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  1. Suzy

    Great idea! I have always considered volunteering abroad, but it seems like nowadays most programs want a few $1,000 for your 2 week’s time. This will be a great resource for those looking for more affordable volunteer programs.

    1. I hope it will be a useful resource. There’s only a few programmes listed so far but I hsve another 50 to 60 to add once I’ve finished some work on our other sites.

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