Our New Site: TravelPhotoFacts.com

Our New Site: TravelPhotoFacts.com

We hope you enjoyed your New Year celebrations. With a lot still to do before we are ready to leave for Bangkok we had a quiet one this year. One of the tasks I wanted to complete is the launch of our new site TravelPhotoFacts.com.

This is the fourth website we have launched with minimal fanfare since we returned from our Middle East trip 18 months ago. Like the others we want this one to go quietly about its business and eventually establish itself into the site we want it to be in a few years’ time.

Unlike our other sites TravelPhotoFacts will not deal exclusively with an aspect of working abroad such as free volunteer work, gap years or career breaks, though we will occasionally drop some of that in there too. Instead TFF will be a simple site focused around one travel activity or sight each week. Every Monday we will post a photo of somewhere we have been, or would like to visit, accompanied with a few words and facts. As I said, it is to be a simple site.

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