Raise Funds for Travel by Volunteering for Medical Trials

Raise Funds for Travel by Volunteering for Medical Trials

Getting paid for laying around in your dressing gown munching pizza after being pumped full of drugs sounds a little too good to be true but this is what His Dudeness Ralf Kreuze does to finance his travels. A fan of the champion of the housecoat, Jeff Lebowski, Ralf is a serial drug trial volunteer. Describing himself as a plain old lazy bum he has travelled to Albania, India, Iran, Pakistan, Oman, Azerbaijan and Nepal, among other places, on the money he receives from the inconvenience of being stuck with needles.

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  1. Suzy

    Interesting way to finance travel. I couldn’t get past the needles and veins. I can’t even look at my own without feeling like I will pass out.

    1. The Working Traveller

      I sympathize. For sure it’s not for everyone. I had to have a lumber punch (fluid drawn from the spine) when I was 16. As long as I don’t look ordinary injections are easier to endure since that horror.

  2. claire

    I think the issue is not whether or not you can stick needles as they , in general, only have to insert 1 cannula from which they can inject into and take blood from. The bigger issue is the unknown damage it can do. Those drugs may exacerbate a previously unknown underlying disease. Indeed those holiday trips could end up being very costly.

  3. M.A.waheed

    I want to parcipate in labs allover the world,iam very poor it makes the money4 me and its like a social service,PLZ if any body having the infrmatn of trails cont me on 08801528228

  4. joshua

    i want to get paid

  5. Jim

    Good list of trials. Has anyone tried any of these? Are they safe? I am interested in raising some extra money.

  6. Kim Hutchinson

    I would like to take part in your paid Medical Trials. My address is, [removed by editor]

    1. Shane

      Hi Kim, this is a how to article. We are not hiring ourselves and I doubt anyone involved in hiring volunteers will be passing by looking to recruit here. Try the links above to find active medical trials (though this article is nearly 5 years old so I’m sure some will be duds by now). I have also removed your address as I’m not sure how good an idea it is to put it where anyone can see it.

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