Readers Letters: Working in Australia and Cambodia

Readers Letters: Working in Australia and Cambodia

Most of the working abroad posts we feature on The Working Traveller are researched, ‘how to’ type pieces. Though I have plenty of travel tales to tell it is a rare day when I have not been able to duck out of sight when physical labour is mentioned.

Aside from four hours tending bar in a Turkish hotel and transporting business cards from Bolivia to Peru in exchange for a free lasagne my experiences in the workplace have, thankfully, been limited. As a consequence any first hand tales of looking after the spawn of the rich in Monte Carlo or working a season in the Alps aren’t going to come from my pen.

Hence my happiness when one of our readers, Trevor Park, got in touch a while ago with a few first hand tips for getting a job in Australia and Cambodia:

“I have just spent the last year traveling through Australia and Southeast Asia.  There are many ways to save your money while still having a great time.

In Australia, living is quite expensive, but so is the minimum wage.

Traveling down any coast will have a significant amount of hostels. Most will let you work for accommodation.  If you are looking to make some money, WA (Western Australia) is booming due to the mining industry.  I worked as a kitchen hand for two and a half months and saved over $3,000.  I worked in the hostel as well for only 1 hour a day for free accommodation.

Asia is much cheaper to live but you can find ways to live for free.  In Cambodia, on the coast, in a city called Sihanoukville, I worked for a backpackers bar. In return, I received free accommodation, food and, the kicker, free drinks all night.  As well, I had a time I will never forget.  I changed my plans of 1 week to 6 because it was just too much fun.

Most important just look around and never buy the first thing you see.  Most of the time it is cheaper to buy direct.  For example, when I was in Malaysia on their tax free Island, there were deals for 95 ringette (their currency, roughly 1/3 that of the Canadian, Oz, and US dollar) to get to the mainland and down to Kuala Lumpur (capital city). Paying for a taxi to the coast, the ferry ride, and the bus down to KL. In total, it cost 65 ringette, which is less than 25 bucks.

Just look out for the deals that may not be deals and you should be fine.

If you would like more info on Oz or SE Asia, just ask.

And most of all…ENJOY!”

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    interesting ideas, i never think about doing that

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