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I’m hoping to do some travelling and would like to do some voluntary work as well but don’t want to have to pay to volunteer. I would like to go to Asia, do you have any advice at all?

I was also thinking of working and travelling in Australia. Do you have any suggestions?



Hi Harriet,

Purely free volunteer work is difficult to find for overseas volunteers so I would suggest you widen your search to also include reasonably priced projects where you pay a fair price for board and accommodation (ie no more than were you to travel without volunteering) and perhaps pay a small contribution to help keep the project going. Grassroots organisations that operate like this are far easier to find once you are in the region.

I’m intending to add NGOs like this to Free or Cheap Volunteer Work Abroad once I have time in the near future. For now though I’m afraid this site is useless to you but one of the sites I have bookmarked to add is SAELAO where volunteers pay around £50 the first week and £35 per week thereafter for a bed and 3 meals a day.

Another site I will add is www.volunteerincambodia.org. There may also be some organisations that might interest you listed in the South East Asia pages of our directory.

I also recommend checking out the Got Passport/Team Chiang Mai people who are based in the area and list a few projects in the region here: www.gotpassport.org/volunteer-jobs-2/.

Another option is to join one of the work exchange networks like Workaway, WWOOF, Help X and Staydu. These are also an option in Australia as I’ve detailed in this piece on farm work exchanges in Australia and New Zealand.

For paid work in Australia pick up the free copies of TNT that can be found in most places backpackers congregate and also take a look at their online Australia and New Zealand guide.

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