Resources for Finding Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia

Resources for Finding Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia

Physically demanding work in hot weather isn’t everyone’s cup of tea which is why Australians tend to leave that sort of thing to others, dangling the self-picked carrot of a second Working Holidaymaker Visa in front of those helping to bring in the crops.

So important is outside labour to Australian farmers that aside from forcing backpackers to work on farms or in fields to qualify for another working year in the country, the government also operates a National Harvest Telephone Information Service  (call 1800 062 332) and produces a useful downloadable (in Word or PDF) harvest guide.

The guide is extremely useful, providing local telephone numbers and websites for each region of Australia, when to go there and which crops will be ripe for picking. A map for each state and territory is also given along with a chart quickly displaying the labour requirements for the main crops in each region.

To download the guide visit

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