#RTWsoon: Will Young

#RTWsoon: Will Young

Travel has pretty much been the goal for 18 year old Will Young for many years. Last summer he travelled around Bulgaria, Thailand and Laos, but has also had the opportunity to travel to a wealth of other countries in the past, including Iceland, China and Egypt. Until recently he worked in a ventilation factory in the UK to pay for his next adventure.

You can follow Will via his blog at www.WillYoungRTW.com or on twitter @WillYoungRTW.

Where are you going and for how long?

My girlfriend Dawn and I fly to Sri Lanka in only a few weeks! From there we’re headed up along the Indian coast, up to the desert in Rajasthan and then even further into the mountains around Himachal Pradesh. Following this, the aim is to journey back down and into Nepal before catching a flight to Myanmar (Burma). Afterwards we’ll be going back to SE Asia, seeing how far our cash will get us across Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia! Whilst it’s all susceptible to change we’re looking at nine to ten months at the moment.

Travel in Laos

Have you told the boss yet?

The boss knows. Everyone knows. You will not shut me up about it!

Planned to death or casual meander?

As for planning, we make a great dynamic duo! I plan things meticulously, check everything ten times, research the place to the extent that I irritate myself. I am the organiser.

Dawn however, could float along without a clue what country we’re in. She’s got a wonderful mindset of just going with the flow, taking whatever the universe throws at us. Together, she keeps me sane, and I keep her safe.

What do friends and family think about this?

Friends and families views are an interesting mix! Some vent their jealousy while they’re busy working and studying, others are patiently waiting for our hippie bubble to burst! I’ve got an unhealthy obsession with wandering off to see the weird and wonderful which I think causes my family concern, but really they know travel is a good and essential part of life.

Why now?

Why now? Why not!? We’re young, we want this, we’ve worked hard for it. There’s a hell of a lot of world for us to see in not a lot of time, so the sooner the better in my view. I regard it as a continuation of my education!

How much is it going to cost and how are you financing the trip?

I’ve been working full time for a while now as well as picking up whatever other odd jobs I can find and a few local photography gigs. When calculating budget we’ve had a real challenge on our hands trying to make an estimate for such a long trip, something I’m sure many first time travellers get totally wrong! However, we’ve worked out what we think are appropriate and realistic daily budgets for each region. For example, Sri Lanka is largely budgeted around £25 a day whilst North India is less than £20. Hopefully It’ll work out!

Travel in Laos

Any paid or volunteer work plans?

If our predictions aren’t too far off, there’ll be no need to work out there, but if we’ve massively misjudged, we may need to find some work and stay in fewer locations for longer but either way, it’s all part of the experience.

In terms of volunteering we are hoping to visit the Lao Project Group who I met up with last summer, and help them out in any way we can. They’ve assured me they’ll find a use for me! I really support the ethos and the work they’re doing, so whatever the job I’d like to make a positive contribution for a decent length of time.

What (or where) are you most looking forward to?

Too difficult! I’ll fire off a couple of ideas and you can choose!.
-Religion fascinates me. Places like Amritsar, Varanasi and Mcleod Ganj will all be hugely interesting.
-I’m drawn to large empty landscapes so Pokhara in Nepal and around Kullu/Manali in India will be special for me.
-I think the ‘untouched’ image surrounding Burma is going to be incredible, especially at a time when an atmosphere of anticipation and hope will be gripping the country.

Will Young and Dawn

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  1. Amy

    “There’s a hell of a lot of world for us to see in not a lot of time, so the sooner the better in my view” – love this – it’s exactly how my bf and I feel about our trip. Looks like you guys are visiting a lot of the same places we are; will be great to follow your journey and compare notes. Budget wise, for Asia we’ve set a provisional monthly limit of £900 (for 2 people) – like you say though, this will probably change once we get on the road.

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