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Holiday Cave Hotel, Goreme. Accommodation in Cappadocia

Caves, Chimneys and Stone Houses in Cappadocia

The Cappadocia region of Turkey offers an array of hotel options where competition drives hoteliers to compete on style, uniqueness and ambience rather than on price alone. We took the opportunity to compare three different cave hotels in the region, one in Avanos and two in Goreme.Read More
Hadrian Gate Hotel. Jerash, Jordan

A Place to Stay in Jordan

We got to see the tourism industry from the other side of the hotel fence during our time in Jordan and were treated to some good standard accommodation. Read More
Find work in backpacker hostels

Travelling & Work Opportunities in Backpacker Hostels

If you’ve gone to work in Australia hoping for a farm picking job but had no luck, you could try working in a backpackers for an extra dollar or ten, or even a bed for the night. If you’re backpacking in Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns or Byron Bay take heed of these tips.Read More
Budget accommodation in Beirut, Lebanon

Cheap Accommodation Thin on the Ground in Beirut

Though cheap food is easily found alongside more expensive eating options, budget accommodation is limited. For this reason, compared to some other countries in the region, Lebanon is not a budget destination.Read More
Accommodation in Dahab

Life in a Little Room in a Big World

Welcome to the traveller's trade off. It would be easy to feel like a failiure in an uninspiring room like this but walk through the door and we are transported into the magical World.Read More
Getting followed by hostel touts

Touts and Hasslers we Love to Hate: The Follower

New in town, you know where you want to stay and have shook off the Meeter & Greeters. Only problem is you still have to get to your choice of accommodation and... Is that guy following us?Read More

99 Reasons to be Afraid of Travelling

From vaccinophobia (the fear of vaccinations), via alektorophobia (fear of chickens) to the fear of returning home (nostophobia), we list 99 phobias you are more likely to confront while backpacking.Read More