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Shoestring Travel

The Ways and Woes of Shoestring Travelling

Keeping yourself on a tight budget means you can travel longer. Because of its limitations you take different opportunities, meet people you wouldn’t find otherwise, and generally see a world those travelling with lined-pockets can’t. It only goes to say that the shoestring way is the better one right? So says Andrew Fraieli, author of this week’s guest post.Read More
Travel planning, packing and preparation

The Differences in Preparing for our First Long Trip in 2003 and our Next Trip in 2013

In October we were interviewed by Amy and Andrew of Our Big Fat Travel Adventure and were flattered and frankly astonished to have our travel tips and advice labelled as expert. They are heading into the world in a couple of months and it has been easy to compare their competent planning with our own gainful but stressed (Deirdre) and uselessly relaxed (me) preparations. Read More
Splat. Ways to die backpacking

Our Backpacker Deaths

To mark Friday the 13th I thought we would get a little ghoulish and imagine the ways we might meet our ultimate end. Sitting in the dark at 3am typing by candlelight during yet another power cut it is easy to imagine I’m going to suffer at the hands of an axe murderer, but with no companions around to suggest we split up I can’t be in a scary movie and am probably safe.Read More
Accommodation in Dahab

Life in a Little Room in a Big World

Welcome to the traveller's trade off. It would be easy to feel like a failiure in an uninspiring room like this but walk through the door and we are transported into the magical World.Read More