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Loving living in Berlin

Peter Geyer: Why I Live in… Berlin

When Peter Geyer popped up in our twitter feed with his arms around a piece of street architecture we were intrigued and had to investigate further. We are glad we did as it turns out he makes a habit of this sort of thing and few things in life raise a smile as easily as a photo of a grown man cuddling a clock, railway viaduct, zoo, or ice hockey rink.Read More
Checkpoint Charlie. Berlin, Germany

Adam Groffman: A Week in Berlin – Why I Live in… Berlin

Adam Groffman is an American who decided on a flight from Reykjavik to Boston that he could keep on travelling if he put his mind to it. He is currently living in Berlin and tells us more about his life there.Read More
Map of Berlin

A Week in Berlin – Blogger’s Guide to Berlin

We thought of doing a guide to Berlin but after careful reflection decided: nah! Let someone else do it. What’s the point of all these travel bloggers roaming the world otherwise?Read More
#Travel Tuesday

A Week in Berlin – #TravelTuesday: Expat Bloggers in Berlin

We’re changing the format of this feature this week to focus on several bloggers based in Berlin, rather than just the usual one website that is the habit of this column. All of the bloggers listed below blog about Berlin - at least in part.Read More
Travel Photos

A Week in Berlin – Monday Photo

Photograph of Berlin, Germany.Read More