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Living in Barcelona, Spain

Jessica Bowler: Why I Live in… Barcelona

24 year old British-American girl Jessica Bowler answers our questions on living in Barcelona. She works as a translator and freelance travel journalist, and blogs at Hola Yessica, which is named after how people in Spain pronounce her name. Read More
Living in Sapa, Vietnam

Peter Gilbert: Why I Live in… Sapa

In 2010 Peter Gilbert was just passing through Sapa, a hill town in the north of Vietnam, on the way to Laos when he heard about an organisation dedicating itself to improving the literacy of local children. Initially he volunteered for three months as an English teacher with Sapa O’Chau but after a short visit home to Sheffield, and a winter season working in Japan, he returned to continue helping with the project. Read More
Living in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Vivi Rathbon: Why I Live in… Buenos Aires

Vivi Rathbon is a Buenos Aires expat, truly in love with the magical city of Buenos Aires, which she has had the pleasure of residing in for the past three years. She took some time out from running her expat themed website, MyBeautifulAir.com, to talk about expatriated life in Buenos Aires.Read More
Living in Paris

Edna Zhou: Why I Live in… Paris

Edna Zhou’s transferable skills in journalism and social media marketing have kept her on the move around the world. No stranger to working abroad she had already lived in China and Singapore before a combination of planning and chance landed her in Paris.Read More
Living in Salta

Leigh Shulman: Why I Live in… Salta

With her husband Noah Edelblum and daughter Lila, Leigh Shulman shrugged off her old life in New York to travel Europe, the US, Central and South America. Advocates of slow travel their pace ground to a halt when they settled in the Argentine city of Salta and founded an art and education NGO.Read More

Catching the Game When Abroad

It is a rare thing now for me to watch a major football tournament in my home country. Watching sport from abroad is a different experience from the switch on the TV and there’s the game comfortable sofa slump that can be indulged in at home.Read More
Nonthaburi, Bangkok, Thailand

Nicholas Orwin: Why I Live in… Nonthaburi

The first time he saw Michael Palin’s Around the world in 80 days Nicholas Orwin knew he wanted to travel and not just go on a holiday abroad. Captivated by Asia for as long as he can remember he took a job teaching English in Thailand.Read More
Living in Cappadocia

Duke Dillard: Why I Live in… Cappadocia

A happy family man for the past 17 years, he had a normal white, middle class childhood in suburban America and at age nine had a significant encounter with Jesus Christ that still impacts his life today. Though he and his family have already spent many years living in Kazakstan, Uzbekistan and Ankara, they are fairly new residents of Cappadocia and tell us more about living there.Read More
Living as an expat in Okcular, Turkey

Alan Fenn: Why I Live in… Okçular

Born in 1944, Alan Fenn grew up on the Isle of Sheppey before joining the army at 18, by which time he’d already had three jobs. He recently spoke to us about his life in Okçular, a village in southwest Turkey.Read More
Bodrum, Turkey

Jack Scott: Why I Live in… Bodrum

Jack Scott is a freelance writer and author. In 2009, he relocated to Bodrum with his partner, Liam, starting the Perking the Pansies blog which quickly became the most popular blog of its kind on that side of the Aegean.Read More